So let the sniping begin...

Hollywood record mogel David Geffen recently made some less-than-supportive comments about Senator Hilary Clinton at a fundraiser for one of her opponents, Senator Barack Obama. Senator Clinton promptly makes some retaliatory comments at and about Senator Barak Obama, not at the person (Geffen) who "threw down the gauntlet" originally. This does bring to mind that Senator Clinton is feeling the effects of Senator Obama's campaign quite acutely or else she would have ignored Geffen and kept to her "positive campaign".

It's way too early in this process, to start the "sniping" and "grunging" and "bitching". At the end of last year's campaign, voters loudly expressed their opinions of the negative campaigns (most negative campaigners lost their races). At this rate, many people are going to be so turned off by the process, that both campaigns become consumed making way for a sweep by the loyal opposition. I suspect that the rest of the Democrats are hoping for this very happening.

It seems to me that the juggernaut of the Clinton campaign can take a little "ribbing" from a non-political type without the retaliation from the candiate herself. Such actions make Senator Obama's campaign especially more powerful if the impact of Geffen's words creates this much of a response. How creditable is a record executive's political opinions anyway? Obviously, pretty powerful and creditable to Senator Clinton.

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