It appears the Taleban targeted Vice President Dick Cheney today in Afghanistan via suicide bombs attack at Bagram Air Force Base often called the safest place in the country. Cheney was unharmed being nearly 1/2 mile away from the blast which reports say that he heard and felt mid morning local time. Many observers of the region are calling bombing that killed twelve, and the fact that a Taleban spokesperson made it clear it was a symbolic attack on Cheney, signals the beginning of an offensive on the part of the near destroyed movement that once held sway in the Land of the Pashtun.

Let us take a moment and play a bit of a digital table top exercise. Given all the spin and rhetoric surrounding the war in Iraq, the rationale for invading, the verity or falsification of intel and the sloganeering by the Bush administration clearly floundering to find some bit of flotsam to hold onto now that their ship of state has sunk, what happens the day after this scenario plays out.

CNN- 1015 EDT Xxxxxx, 22, 2007

Heidi Collins: We are getting word in to the CNN Newsroom that a massive explosion has gone off in the lower level of a shopping mall in the northern Virginia city of Arlington. Reports coming in from the Associated Press tell us that numerous people are wounded and the underground of the mall at Crystal City is on fire.

Tony Harris: Heidi, we need to pass off to Betty Nguyen who has a chilling bit of news to update this situation, Betty?

Betty Nguyen: Heidi, Tony it seems our worst fears have been realized as I am reading a message coming on on the AP news wire from the group in Iraq that is aligned with al Qaeda stating in great detail that this is an al Qaeda operation in the American city of Arlington and that the bomb contained the radioactive element Cesium. That is now being confirmed forty two minutes after the blast was first reported by a flurry of 911 calls to fire and police from the mall. A quarantine and decontamination effort is underway and now we are getting our first pictures of the radioactive cloud drifting toward Washington, D.C.

Tony Harris: It seems that once again, Betty, America is the main front in the global war on terror.


Where would the Bush administration go from here? The drumbeat has always been that the fight in Iraq was an effort to keep terrorists from striking within America's borders. Is there any way the spin machine could turn such an attack into a positive for the beleaguered White House? Or would this be the straw that broke the camel's back?

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Anonymous Ruben said...

WHAT HAPPENS THE DAY AFTER? Cheney blames the Democrats.

February 27, 2007 at 1:50 PM  

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