The Hitchens Obsession

Below is a missive cross-posted at my Sex, Lies & Politricks blog. I was fascinated to learn there are whole groups of folks who hate and/or observe every move made by Christopher Hitchens... Furthermore... there are appraently many folks who are angered by the mere thought that any right-wing pol is somehow inherently evil, or that there is such a thing as being too strong on national defense. The vitriol is building... it's so much fun to lay out the bait. Why is it that any single public figure draws so much ire, so much disdain - or worship? Hitchens is just a successful author & writer, not an elected official nor a paid partisan hack like Al Franken. How is his influence so pervasive that it drives folks to the extremes???

--- Media Lizzy

The Hitchens Fantasy

Well, well, well.... it seems I really banged a gong on the fantasy sex life with Christopher Hitchens. For anyone who may believe it's a spoof, a joke, or a lack of medication.... let me be quite clear: Hitchens is Hot.

Brilliant men, even old ones with gout, heart trouble, a drinking problem and 50 extra pounds are hot. Sex is an intellectual pursuit. Physical beauty and pleasure fades, what we are left with is our minds and a desire to share our days with companions who are interesting. Once heart medication is in the picture... do we want a man with an aptitude for the ultimate mindfuck, or a man who stares blandly at the TV screen eating Cheetos??? The sunset of youth, and of life itself should be spent with a man possessing an agile mind. Boredom sucks the very oxygen from the air, and replaces the soul with a husk.

No contest. At least among women making their bones in politics. Men who have lived full lives. Men capable of evolving long after they pass their physical prime. Some fellas are simply too easy to conquer. They become addicted to any lady worth her intellectual and physical salt... which is tiresome. We aren't in Ancient Rome or Greece. I don't want to be deified. It's too much pressure to be the morning sun and evening star to an uncomplicated, unintellectual man.

Enter Christopher Hitchens. And Darth Vader - James Earl Jones. Or Dick Cheney, Marcello Mastroianni, James Carville, Paul Wolfowitz, Gabriel Byrne, Anthony Hopkins, Fred Thompson, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Willis, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Tommy Franks, BB King. And Clark Gable, John Malkovich, Steve McQueen or Yul Brenner. Any woman would love to share her Last Tango with Marlon Brando. Robert Redford - especially in Indecent Proposal & The Horse Whisperer - only realized his full potential after age 50. Robert Evans... I'm young enough to only recall comeback number 54 but Evans is more than the "Kid." Spending a night with Eric Clapton, BRING IT. Or just about any Marine. Semper Fi, Men. And Pat Dollard - Amen. Or, the Governor of Texas: Rick Perry. Jeez, the man is HOT. I've met him... and it should be illegal to be so sexy.

It isn't their age or station that intrigues me - or many of my politico girlfriends. It is a capacity for interesting, inventive thought. An unbridled mind is one worth noticing, and real women prefer to be consumed intellectually just much as we desire a fulfilling sexual relationship.As for younger men who also fit the bill... Kevin McKidd. James Purefoy. Clive Owen. Djimon Hounsou. Darryl Worley. Joaquin Phoenix. Shawn Fago. And a couple of political guys who shall remain nameless.With that, I'll give you my thought for the day - from one of my favorite writers...

It is a stroke of good fortune to find one who is worth seducing... Most
people rush ahead, become engaged or do other stupid things, and in a turnof the
hand everything is over, and they know neither what they have won norwhat they have lost.

~~~ Soren Kierkegaard ~~~

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AND this one which began the banter:
Wolfowitz, Hitchens Earn Most Delicious Status

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