There is quite a bit of debate which one is more politically suicidal. I think the American people in the interest of nothing other than their own comfort would choose cutting off the funding and here is why:

In the simplest terms this is why the GOP will lose their little war in Iraq and the American people will no longer be cowed by "Long War" or the Global War on Terror fallacy. Nothing is being sacrificed on the home front for one because the GOP and those for whom they work know that causing lifestyle discomfort for Americans is political suicide.

Icons of the fallen?

Given the choice between actually generating enough fresh trained American soldiers and cutting of the funding for the war every member of the GOP in the House knows they would vote for bringing the troops home. Their alternative would be extending the war for another ten years and reinstituting the draft for all able bodied men between the ages of 17 and 39. This would give you a pool of 60 million eligible soldiers, sailors and airmen to choose from. The US military could be tripled in size in one year. This coupled with a floundering Ford Motor Company being converted to producing Humvees and hardened troop transports on a round the clock schedule could even in the most pessimistic minds here turn the tide toward the counterinsurgency.

No longer just for the thrill now just to not feel suicidal.

Unless, the GOP is willing to scale back the economy of consumerism at all cost, which would certainly anger the average voter be he evangelical or not, the last time I checked evangelicals were conspicuous consumers as well, there is no way to achieve anything coming close to victory. What the political Right Wing wishes to do is to save face. That comes at the cost of the nearly 3500 soldiers dead and millions of Iraqis who have had their lives destroyed by death, raging sectarian violence in this civil war or displacement. All this done to maintain your comfort in America’s land of plenty from my perch does not seem worth the costs. Bring the troops home, engage Iran diplomatically and start to tell your people that their world is going to become a much more violent place. The only way al Qaeda or any other terror group can destroy America is if neocons continue to tell Americans that they are frightened sheep ripe for slaughtering. The WW2 generation would have spit in the eye of anyone who wanted to blow up anything in America and in this I can see some of the weakness of a society moving in a more progressive direction. Still I must also take the conservatives to task who have played on the fears of common citizens to build themselves up with political power. Where does such a thing end with Americans running for their lives in the streets creating a chaos such that you can suspend individual rights? What exactly was the goal of a permanent majority run by neocons who were the Communists of old dressed up in three piece suits carrying Bibles? Who would have filled the death camps of the neocons?

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Blogger Media Lizzy said...

How quickly we forget the gutting of the DoD budget during the Clinton years.

1995: DoD was not allowed to buy A SINGLE TANK.

FY 1996: 6% cuts in this Clinton-era budget guranteed that by 2005 Humvees would be older than most of the uniformed kids driving them.

During Clinton's 8 years in office, the number of active duty military personnel was cut by a staggering 15%.

During the CLinton years, they spent only HALF what was spent during the Reagan years on procurement.

All of this, combined with Bush 43's mismanagement of military priorities, equals disaster. It isn't just Bush that was the problem.

It's time to end the Clinton/Bush years. My sources: DoD personnel, Council on Foreign Relations & The Heritage Foundation.

May 21, 2007 at 7:08 PM  

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