Imagine if you can for the briefest of moments that Hillary Clinton was president of the United States on September 10, 2001. Now that I have your attention, I have enjoyed reading the acid trip that William Kristol, noted architect of the miasma in which America finds itself trapped in Iraq, has penned in defense of the corporate controlled President of the United States. Kristol is no "patriot" he is in the business of offering his ideas for money, and moreover to curry the favor of his uber connected handlers, which is counter to my own mandate as a journalist and a leader of a journalistic organ. It is my mandate to glean the Truth from the information provided to us here and disseminate it to the Free Citizens of Hell in a concise and coherent manner. It is the job of the Weekly Standard to trumpet the talking points that have been drawn up that support the economic interests of so called neoconservatives who are nothing more than corporate neoliberals. These robber barons have used the cloak of democracy to reach even deeper into the pockets of those who for lack of a better phrase have no pockets. The remains of the full buffet table from which they have taken sup until they nearly burst, to paraphrase the fictional character Willie Stark, "The Oil Men and the Drug Men and the War Profiteers don't even want you the middle class to even have the left overs which are plentiful, from their table. They don't even want you in the same room as that table of luscious delights. They sated and unable to manage another morsel would rather see you starve in sight of that table than give you a seat at it."

And so comes a clear understanding of what Kristol is tasked to do; it is to protect the privilege, both in security from all other classes and wealth, of those who like so many in America have earned none. He calls the Bush administration a success based solely upon the economic success that has been the result in his fetid mind of the Bush tax cuts. Well I must be factual and say that in William Kristol's America the Bush tax cuts have been a roaring success. The waiting lists for the most posh restaurants in New York, Washington and Los Angeles are long and becoming much more exclusionary. The fact that there are two Americas, one for the rich and connected and the other for everyone else has long been acknowledged with silent nods both here in Hell and on Terra. But now the separation in Justice, economics, mating and real property is no longer enough. There are cliques developing within the cliques. This version of rising to the top is much more akin to what corpses do after long periods of time in brackish water than some delectable dairy product bobbing on a sea of fresh whole milk.

As difficult as this will be for members on either side of the political divide in America to accept it will be the whole and unvarnished truth; having money does not make you a better human being, it merely gives you wider berth on matters of law, mating and personal possessions. You, and your progeny, can operate at the cutting edge of the law because you have a certain status within the system where certain crimes will be handled differently if you are notably wealthy or have political power than if you were Joe Average. We can point to examples of this that I am sure Kristol would defend ad nauseum: Scooter Libby, Paris Hilton and the Bush twins noted rough behavior come to mind as well as the miles of Kennedy concerns and the latest from Al Gore's own son.

It is not then that politics, being aligned right or left, is the hand of Shai' tan on the American field of public discourse it is that entre into that field is controlled by elitist gatekeepers. Kristol and those who handle him advocate a strong unilateralist foreign AND domestic policy in America that increases the cash flow of corporations and their elitist masters. Moreover, such intentions do take root in liberal elitist organs as well but currently in the age of the false terror war the voices of conservatives and their actions over the last ten years have colored the opinion of foreign capitals of what's in the average American mind. This is changing rapidly and points to the failure of Kristol's idea that having a Sarkozy government is something other than a French manifestation of the same racism and classism that Americans own up to when Hispanic immigration is mentioned.

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