In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen

A university whether it be an ancient safe harbour of learning like the Universjite of Dis or a more modern human incarnation like Columbia University in the City of New York is designed to be a place where ideas flourish. not accepted ideas or cherished ideas or even traditional ideas, but all ideas. There is such a blind drumbeat of nationalism among the upper middle class in America fearful that the coming shortages of energy will cast them off their Dolce & Gabbana pedestals to be kebabed on the spike of the gates of their posh communities that it has nauseated this demon. I am so sickened even sitting here with my wife and kids in my sky box at the Ann Coulter Torture Stadium that I had to duck out to dash this off as my comrade in blogging against all things right wing D Cup would say.

Imagine if a German or British university like Cologne or Oxford would have no parts of Ronald Reagan as a speaker because their citizens found his concepts of American hegemony over the world offensive. Could you report a silence from the political right in America? Somehow this demon editor would doubt that. American presidents as de facto leaders of Capitalist Terra are men whose ideas need not be listened to by academia when in office because they have much to massive a bully pulpit from which to speak. At any given time they can have their press secretary call the three major networks and CNN and demand time to speak to America as a body. it is then up to the citizen to not engage the media and listen. Here in hell we have estimated that the words of the US president have a reach of over 4 billion people on a daily basis making him the most capable human being on the planet of conveying his ideas.

If the MSM in the USA would not cover what is translated by IRNA the reach of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran might be 100 million and that on a very good day. I must go on record for the good of my own black little conscience that if America wishes to bring Hell down on its head by destroying some facilities in Iran by bombing them then they should go ahead and get it over with while the shock cannot do any further damage to the all important Holiday Shopping Season 2007™ which even retailers say now will be a cruise to disaster. We here in Hell spent very little time after the overthrow of Shai'tan putting our minds toward what sort of government such a massive collection of city states with nearly 3 trillion Souls as citizens required. The right to govern belonged to the Empress but She in her Wisdom knew the voice of the People was equal to hers. And in that balance comes the Judiciary so an amalgamation of the British and American systems of democracy and Constitutional Monarchy have led to the Hellac parliamentary system.

Free speech to the Citizens of Hell is a right that we are all willing to fight for and go to oblivion for if necessary. In America the desire to muzzle ideas that come from directions that appear unseemly has taken up a new vigor in an age when it seems anything goes. The conservatives see Iran as an enemy and I do see the continuation of their desire to pursue nuclear weapons as a destabilizing march toward war with the USA. Equally, the political right in the US seems eager to engage in this destructive behavior feeling that it can foster regime change in Iran freeing decades of oil reserves ripe for the plucking for America from the control of Shi'ite clerics. But to be so petty as to wish to deny the man a chance to speak before an audience at a private institute for higher learning is to employ the same sort of censoring tactics that the Soviets were known for as they stumbled toward their eventual demise.

The only people who will hear the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be the people who choose to have those words transmitted to them either live, on television or through radio or in the many print media outlets. If you do not wish to know what the man thinks, do not listen. However, I think it is horribly out of the spirit of the American vision of democracy as seen by Thos Jefferson to wish to deny others the chance to hear. It is this overreach for control of what others do, say, can hear or see or even think that places a cold place in my hot heart. These are the things Shai'tan did to wish to block discourse, the squash dissent, and to mandate no one speak their minds against him. I recall when David Duke, a man of hateful ideas and shabby ethics ran for elected office and spoke before many conservative audiences at a wide range of "Christian" universities and few of you thought that those speeches needed to be cancelled. I am saddened that one whole segment of American society have become so whorish and filled with false ideological purity and self serving religiosity that they demand their way is the only way possible. Ann Coulter reaps a healthy portion of her earnings through public speaking engagements where she calls her own country's citizens names that the right wing says does not belong in civil discourse. But yet this whore still profits and I defend every institution's decision to have her speak.

I applaud the Trustees of Columbia University for allowing Ahmadinejad to speak so that his words can be documented and analyzed by people other than the corporate media which sees war with Iran as merely another reality show that will bring huge advertising profits and not as the first awkward steps toward the murderous slaughter that signals the death of Terra. I will note that even as I disagree with the Iranian leader on many things dialogue, is preferred to belligerence or muting of speech any day. I also applaud the John Coatsworth, Dean of Columbia University, on his commitment to the spirit of the university as place of ideas and not of ideologies. Hitler, Mother Teresa, Stalin, King, Pol Pot, Linclon, Ghandi, Marx, Kennedy, Jean d'Arc, the Son of the Creator, Falwell and every other living breathing Soul on terra has a right And the right wing in America wonders why it is losing its foothold? No one invites a churchy fascist to a party do they?

Early in the game Sporting Dis 12, Vampyr-Black Star Gehenna 0. Sporting is about to attempt a 10 point trebuchet to guillotine manoeuvre. Tricky but high scoring.

Qu'ul cuda pradex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire
The Dis Brimstone-Dadily Pitchfork
86 1 Leviathan 2 AS


Blogger DCup said...

Better to be ignorant and assume, I suppose.

When you're so fucking cocksure of your position, like our American aristocracy seems to be, you don't want to be put in a position of having to defend yourself.

Like the parent who doesn't want to reason with the child...."Because I said so," seems to be the rule of thumb.

Except the electorate and the citizens are not all children and the fact remains that public servants work for us and the common good.

Their notion of common good and most everyone else's notion of the same are worlds apart.

Raise your hand if you want your nation back from these madmen.

(hand raised)

September 23, 2007 at 8:45 PM  

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