Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post is reporting this morning on New York TimesJudith Miller's testimony at the I. Lewis Libby perjury trial. Miller you all will recall spent nearly three months in jail rather than reveal her sources. Now she is being asked and is answering the very questions she sought to avoid. My question today is how does this affect our work as bloggers? On that day when someone calls or e-mails us with a nugget of truth that could land you in the hoose gow what will be our rights? Does Miller's testimony enhance liberty by exposing corrupt operations at the executive level or degrade the free press from the Gray lady down to our comfortable digs in the blogosphere?

Discuss . . .

Cavalor Epthith
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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31 January 2007 Anno Domini



The initial invitations have been sent out to the first ten bloggers that I had in mind as charter members of the Digital Press Club. Four of you have responded already and I appreciate your enthusiasm. There are very few rules save for the desire to foster new ideas and insights into the social, economic and political challenges that we all face everyday. We will disagree, hopefully agreeably, and we will serve as an example of the civility lost in many quarters of government, business and society in America and across the Terran landscape.

When the club has grown to twenty five members I propose that we elect a President and a Vice President who will serve a one year term, a Secretary whose sole duty will be to remind us of, and set the date of, monthly online meetings, and a Technical Director who will offer us advice on how to make more efficient our online journalistic efforts as a group. Our goal is to amplify our voice through combining our reach to anyone anywhere who has a computer an access to the Internet.

I hope that each and every one of you who accept my invitation will consider this challenge that I lay down:

The world you live in is in chaos, not chaos caused by war and poverty alone, but the chaos caused by the denial of the fundamental fact that everyman has a right to speak his mind and be heard. I challenge you to be at the forefront of those who through their words make the world you live in a better place one posting in this place and in your own, at a time.

Dive in folks, the water is fine.

Cavalor Epthith
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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29 January 2007 Anno Domini



The formation of a press club of bloggers, any bloggers, who have a love for news, opinions, journalism, current events, humor, politics, and above all freedom of the press, but are not among the growing elite of the blogosphere who have gained entre into the venerable halls of such organizations as the National Press Club or other organizations where one has to be anointed by another elite member, has long been my dream. This morning after standing over my twins I have decided that since no one else was going to start the Digital Press Club I would.

As of this morning there are no dues, there is no committee that will vet you in search of corporate or political reasons to exclude you. The lofty goal of this club is to bring the strong unheard voices of the blogosphere to the fore with a hope of giving the black, the brown, the white, the yellow, the blue and the red and the green, the female and the male, liberal, libertarian and the conservative, the gay and the straight, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Christian and all others an equal voice through a power megaphone with which to tell the world what they think, how they can help save Hell and Terra, and point to why the mainstream media MSM is failing the people of America, Europe and the developing world because of its corporate leash.

So there you have it my friends. The birth of an idea that has been in my large blue horned head for some time. If you blog about the events of the day, if you think the world needs to have the smaller strong voices in the blogosphere heard in one easy to find place, if you know that Hell and Terra can move the monolithic mountain that is the noise machine of the MSM, then I welcome you, to The Digital Press Club!

Cavalor Epthith, Esquire
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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28 January 2007 Anno Domini
9 Sh'vat 5767
8 Muharram 1428