Well, here we sit on the eve of "Super Tuesday".

Here we are practically on top of "Super Tuesday" when it will be likely that John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President but the Democratic nominee will be Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton. In short, if you are a Democrat, these campaigns will roll on and on into the conventions this summer and therein lies the problem. As the delegate counts get closer and closer for these two candidates, they are likely to "bloody" each other to the point that John McCain become the next president of the United States with Mick Huckabee on his ticket as the "veep".

Clinton and Obama have already proved that they can have their campaign "minions" sling the dirtiest of "mud" in the most negative of campaigns. This makes things quite easy for McCain because every piece of negative campaigning by the Democrats makes John McCain look that much more professional and better. We need only look at how Mitt Romney (with all of his organization and money) got slammed in Florida earlier this week. He's likely to go by the wayside quickly because the Republicans have a "winner take all" type of delegate apportionment in many of the states on Super Tuesday and the Democrats do not.

My advice to both Obama and Clinton is to focus their campaigns strongly on John McCain and the Republican agenda as opposed to wounding each other to the death. After the convention, there won't be enough left for either of them to win against a unified party behind John McCain.

While negative campaigning might get you a few votes in the last minute, in a long and drawn-out race, it can zap you in the long run. The electorate get turned off and believe me with this whole process starting as early as it did, the "turn-off meter" is in high gear right now. It is vitally important that someone take the "high ground" and be willing to stay there.

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