This blog was just a fledgling concept in May of 2006. Like any other enterprise that wishes to bring news with a different perspective we judged our performance based upon the number of people that viewed and how many pages they read. Up to the last few days of May 2006 there had never been 500 pages viewed on this blog. The murder of Tiffany Souers and the CoalSack™ winning reporting that was done by several members of the Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork staff changed all of that forever.

Many "big news" stories have come and gone since Tiffany Souers was murdered by Jerry Buck Inman at the Reserve Apartments at Clemson University. None have crystallized the method of our reporting more. Most of the mainstream media and no small number of bloggers were dispassionate and uncaring about the victim. The news was the "bikini top murder" at best and vulgarities about Miss Souers at worse. I do not censor my staff but they can take a hint. A story about a Living family that have lost a young adult member due to the aggression of another person is not the time to get sweeps points, it is time to get the facts of the story correct with as much respect as possible.

Public figures hate that we are willing to do the difficult and challenging work of covering their off work activities. Someone has to because the MSM in America has a tacit agreement that they will never report about the "after hours" comings and going of those who lead you from Washington and those who report the news of those personages. The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork has never made any such arrangement. No manner of threat and no manner of compensation could take us off our game in this regard.

Yesterday Jerry Buck Inman was sentenced to die by lethal injection in South Carolina by Circuit Court Judge Edward Miller. Inman stated during the hearing that he did not believe that he could be rehabilitated. I agree with this having seen into the minds of many of his species that were like him not Human Beings™. Inman does deserve to die. However I was moved to write this post not because of the positive workings of the American judicial system but the repeated failure of the MSM. The Associated Press, chose as its headline for the story of the Inman sentencing, "Tenn. man sentenced to die for raping, strangling SC college student with her own bikini top." I would have preferred, "Tennessee man sentenced to die for brutal murder of Clemson co-ed." It covers all the bases without being disrespectful to the Souers family.

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